Abbey Shell Knob
Abbey Shell Knob
Abbey Shell Knob

Abbey Shell Knob

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Add a touch of sea life to your dresser or cabinet with our brass shell knob  Handmade with love in India

There are more than 50,000 varieties of sea shells primarily made of calcium. Shells protect the creatures that live within them from predators, strong currents & storms, shells also help to camouflage some animals. Hermit crabs use discarded shells for self-protection, as they grow it will look for a larger shell to move into 

4cm x 4cm x 6cm 


Bolt part is made of brass too, which means it is more delicate than iron. Please tighten with care. 
Bolt length is 5 cm but can be trimmed to size
This knob can be used on walls & serve as a jewellery hanger, please make the hole first & tighten with care
Due to the hand crafted nature of this product expect slight variations in the appearance of each pice. 
Buying this handmade unique product means you are supporting the artisan directly & in turn you are also supporting the local communities where it is made.